whoop de fucking do

so many goddamn overtime hours

im going back to sleep

Blow up my inbox.



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  • Fuck, kill or marry
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just cause

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witchofthespaceything said: are you sure dave? i mean you could easily sleepwalk around and never know it because your sleeping

im pretty sure that if i sleepwalked then i would notice

theres too much on the floor for me not to trip over it

which reminds me that i need to clean


witchofthespaceything said: pffft ok :B what about you mr cool kid? do you sleepwalk sometimes?


not a bit

witchofthespaceything said: uh sometimes

ok then official judgement is that sleepy jade is slightly more safe than asleep jade

witchofthespaceything said: what a sleepy jade would be a bad thing? :P


i suppose it might be better than asleep jade

do you still get up and sleepwalk

and crash into things

witchofthespaceything said: i have no idea! i just wasnt able to sleep :(


well i hope you sleep better

last thing we need is a sleepy jade on the loose

witchofthespaceything said: tired :( had a really crappy sleep last night then a really crappy nap

harley are you me

yeah that was basically the summary of my day too

what made your sleep suck ass

witchofthespaceything said: daaaaavee :P are you there?


hey harley how are you



no problem

cant a man say hello to his ectosis every now and again

No! Do you not realize how scandalous it is to do so?

Why, if anybody found out about this, we’d be thrown in prison for public indecency.

Do you want to go to jail, Dave? 

shit how did i not know

i didnt actually read the rights and responsibilities handbook for this

all joking aside though

they probably serve better food there

id be ok

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